Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Abu Dhabi always seems to get it right

I was at the Bon Jovi concert last night at the Emirates Palace, and yet again, the organization was flawless. This was also the case at the Justin Timerblake concert last December (and apparently at the Elton John concert in January, which I did not attend).

It took all of 15 minutes to get to the Emirates Palace, parking was widely available, we walked to the wristband exchange area, got our wristbands in 7 minutes, and walked into the venue. A far cry from the Shakira concert last year.

The police were there, directing traffic, making sure there was no congestion. Security was efficient and quick. Service at the VIP hospitality tent was impeccable. The Emirates Palace is really ideal for such an event, thanks to its immense lawn which easily accommodated over 19,000 fans last night.

The concert itself was also incredible. I went there with no expectations, but came out of the concert truly impressed (and with a slight crush on Jon...)

Bon Jovi are real performers, and although I'm not too fond of their newer stuff, they did belt out a lot of their classics such as Living on a prayer, I'll be there for you, Bed of roses, Keep the faith and In these arms (but no Blaze of Glory or Always unfortunately).

Yet again, Abu Dhabi has proven itself as a city that can attract big names and organize great events. So who's next?


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Anonymous said...

The first concert I ever attented was Bon Jovi, in Phoenix Az. I was 17, and visiting a friend who had just moved there with her family. I had to "learn" the songs on a road trip before the concert since we were in the 7 row and didn't know a thing about BJ.

Glad you had fun...
Chazoo x

Melanie Nelson said...

Elton John was here? I thought it was illegal to be here if you're gay. Which just freaks me out.