Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Out of touch

I know I promised more London pictures but I have been extremely busy at work lately (day off on Monday? what day off?), and not in the mood to blog for some reason.

I am going through a sort of existential crisis phase lately: why am I here in Dubai? what's my life all about? am I letting work take over my life? do I even have a life? how long will I keep doing this for? do I see myself living in Dubai for the rest of my life? if not Dubai, then where? what's the point of everything I do?

So many questions, not as many answers. Oh well, it'll pass. And I'll post those pics soon, I promise!

Until then, feel free to send me some virtual positive vibes. God knows I need them right now :)


curiosity.. said...

Hi..if you are seriously rethinking your reasons for being in dubai and its not just one of those depressing phases that folks go through every once in a while where they question their motives, their reasons etc for remaining in dubai, then maybe it really is time to move..either back 'home' (depending where home is) or elsewhere. I spent 26 yrs in dubai! The first 11 were with my parents being there, the rest was out of the fact that I the best way to support them (once my dad retired and they left dubai) was for me to remain in dubai and save some money..this was as of 1990. I thought I'd stay back for another 3-5 yrs but in fact i remained there for another 16 yrs! Biggest reasons being that I did not wish to return to my home country (as I have not lived there & did not wish to move there)..but finally just over 4 yrs ago I made the decision to move. I am now in Canada and though its not been easy, I have to say that for me I left dubai at the right time for me (left early July 2006) and I know that with a bit of hard work and an open mind, I will be happy in this, my new, adopted country which is home:)
Hope this virtual post does help you and you dont feel so depressed anymore :)

nzm said...

DS - I don't think that you're alone with these questions!

All will be as it should.

Jin said...

I think it's also a possibility of something to do with returning after a're getting back into a routine of work/traffic/eat/sleep/traffic/work etc.
I'm with nzm - all will be as it should.....altho I'm still asking myself mny of the same questions as you :-)

halfmanhalfbeer said...

DS: Nzm is absolutely right. I can't think of anybody here, or in any other 'foreign' posting, who doesn't go through the same periods of questioning.

Life seems to have an uncanny knack of working out for the best, let fate decide and let things be what they will be.


chazoo said...

The funny thing is I ask myself these question and I live where I was born! So in fact, when you say you don't "have a life" that can happen no matter where you are, even if you're home...

So, i'm sending good vibes to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi DS-

Makes me a little sad to read your post... it's your friend in Boston :) I think the previous post stating that it's just b/c you are back from a great vacation with a wonderful friend that you feel this way. It's always hard to go back to that hard work routine... but remember you DO enjoy your work, it is an amazing opportunity, and in the long run you will decide what is best for you.... I just remember how much hard work you put in to get there and you earned it- :) I am always sending you good vibes and wish you only the BEST b/c you are the best...Next vacation- Boston maybe? ;) Take care T.

Anonymous said...

One more thing from your friend in Boston...
Wish we could talk more easily- and chat about stuff ... thoughts, questions, please know that although i'm in a totally different time zone you can call me! whenever :) just like old times in Montreal...miss you!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Thank you all...your posts put a smile on my face...and reassured me that this is just a passing phase.

One word describes the past couple of weeks for me: overwhelmed. Add a touch of post-holiday blues, and this is what you get!

Chazoo..thanks...I miss you...last year around this time, I was heading to Montreal and you were heading to Europe...And we saw each other for a day...Why do I feel like I was a different person back then?

Bostonia, I miss you so much! I wish Boston was closer so I could make the trip more easily...why do you have to be so friggin far away :) You itch! (haven't called you that in a while!)

Jin, HMHB, NZM, Curisosity...thanks...your comments helped. I'm feeling better already!

Mar said...

Glad to hear that you're feeling better :)