Thursday, August 17, 2006

London part 2

After a long day of walking all around Portobello and Knitsbridge, we decided to take it easy the following day. But in the evening, we headed towards London's West End to catch a show. We booked tickets that same morning for Footloose...It sounded like a fun show, there were seats available, and it was one of the more affordable shows out there. I had never been to a musical before and had always wanted to see one, but I never got the chance to catch one in Montreal, or during my couple of visits to NYC.

Before the show, we walked around Covent Garden, which is filled with street performers. We then headed over to the Novello, which is where our show was playing. The show was fun, the dancers were great and the music was good (believe it or not, I have never seen the movie).

After the show, we walked across Waterloo bridge, and admired a magnificent view of London by night (my night-time pictures did not come out so good unfortunately).

The following day, we hit Camden Town, which I loved! There were some very funky shops and restaurants there, very different to anything else I had seen so far.

Our next stop was Buckingham palace. We walked through Green Park first, which was very nice, but not so green. After the recent heat wave London had experienced, the grass turned yellow in all of London's parks. At Buckingham, we didn't get to experience the changing of the guard...and to be quite honest, I was imagining the palace to be much bigger than it really is... But I have no doubt that the Queen's country cribs are much more spacious than her city digs.

More London pics tomorrow...time for bed now...I should really start writing my posts earlier than midnight!!!


BuJ said...

how cool!
i love the london parks
but apparently london has a drought.. not enough water mainly coz 66% or so of the pipes in london are leaky coz they are 100 or more yrs old.. and hence there is no water to feed the grass..etc..

am glad you went to camden.. i love it there.. i feel at home.. u can find it a normal town during the day but at night it's a pimp's heaven and dealer's paradise! so funny, not that i encourage or enjoy either activities.

nzm said...

buj: you've changed your image - too many imposters around? :-)

DS: isn't it funny how you imagine all these places like Buck House should be bigger than they are? We thought the same of the White House when we saw it!

Jin said...

Did you get your sketches done by the street artists in Covent Garden? I got Hubs & Spadges framed, but threw mine out!