Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Miami Vice

One word of NOT go watch Miami Vice. It's terrible. The directing is bad. The acting even worse. The plot is weak. The violence is gratuitous. And even Colin Farrell couldn't make this movie halfway decent (what's with the long ugly hair Colin?)

Guys would probably enjoy the cars, boats and hot chicks, but really, there was nothing in there for me. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe an OK rental movie...with a couple of drinks, it could even potentially become watchable :)


moryarti said...

", boats and hot chicks"

sounds good enough to me ;)

nzm said...

God - we saw it on Tuesday night - it's has to be the worst film (apart from Khandahar!) that we've seen this year.

Of about 15 people in the cinema, 4 walked out. We almost did too, but kept thinking that it was going to get better.

Mory - the hot chicks weren't that hot! lol.

chazoo said...

My Brother in law bought the 1st season of the TV series. Rand and I watched it religiously - it was good. Very 80's but good - good music, good filming, stories OK - y'know. Then, season 2 came out - brother in law bought it - he told us it wasn't as good.... NOT AS GOOD!?! It was HORRIBLE! No story, no plot to the non-existant story, but still good music. VEry, very disapointing.

I wonder how the movie rates compared to the TV series.

nzm said...

chazoo: the TV series was infinitely better than this movie - even the later series! This movie is an insult to everyone who forks out money to see it. It's the closest that I've come to demanding my money back - the only thing that stopped me was that it was my choice to pay to see it.