Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's been happening?

I'm averaging out a post a month. Not good at all. I really should pay more attention to my blog...

Not that there's been much happening lately.

Totally busy: which everyone tells me is a good thing. They did lay off a few people though, but not too many. I know it may be sad to say, but at least this financial crisis has helped weed out non-performers, and provided a kick in the butt to those who were granted immunity (myself included!).

Totally unrelated: why is it that Saih Ash Shaib (right at the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi) has now become Saih Shaib, with the "Ash" erased out of all the signs? Who is it that woke up one day and decided that the "Ash" had to go?

Totally random: How often should one take a vacation to remain sane? Every 3 months? 6 months? Once a year? Why is it that I've felt like I needed a vacation ever since I came back from my last vacation? Huh?

Totally annoying: will traffic in the Greens ever get better? EVER?

Totally serious: looking for a 2 bedroom apartment around the Media City area. Greens, Springs, JBR, Dubai Marina, Barsha...Just NOT Jumeirah Lake Towers. Hate that area cause it feels like a ghost town, although I know deals are pretty good there. I also know that Discovery Gardens is a nice area, but I feel it's kind of deserted. Anyone got any leads?

Totally tired: off to bed now...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding those who was granted immunity are working like never before (including myself too) :p

"Saih Ash Shaib" never heard of it!!!! but funny to find out the new name :D well its better than Dubai who suddenly changed the names of the major Roads in Jumairah to weird names that confused everyone around.

I often divide my vacation in half... two weeks go back home country and two weeks discover a new country.. and its working out quit very well :)

keep bloging :)

Nader said...

I am also looking for two bedrooms in the Greens area. Do you think the traffic in the greens is horrible?? I am thinking about moving over there.

I found a place in the new golf towers in the greens\the views. send me an email if you are interested !!

Still thinking said...

Why do I feel that even after being in this city for so many years I still don't know it?! :(
Haven't even heard abt the 'Ash' place! I feel like a vacation every 2nd month! that's how knackered I feel :)

I don't know about Greens but it definitely can't be as worse as in Deira.

Deranged woman said...

ok. i live in discovery. and i totally wouldnt recommend it cause YES! it is deserted!! and im lookin to move s nice for ppl who like the peace and quiet. but personally,its a lil too quiet for me!

Anonymous said...

The "Ash?"

God, you've been here this long and cant read Arabic still? Kind of proves you are a worthless ass rapist son of a whore bitch when you live in an ARAB country and cant read a fucking sign.

Also proves you are way way too full of yourself.

The place is called Seee7 Su3aib. There is no "A or L in the 2nd word of the name in Arabic.

Ash is what the english transliteration comes out to because in Arabic Al al ta3reef can be of 2 kinds. Al which is spoken, and Al which is "thummad" wich is infered.

When it is spoken, it is pronounces AL, when it is not, it will sound like A'(insert 1st syllable of 2nd word.

Examples, Ash-suaib. Sharja for example is actually called Al Shariqa. But it's pronunciation is Ash-shariqa.

And so on and so forth.

In this case, neither is present, and as the translator was probably some bastard Indian who cant speak Arabic well, he fucked the name up in English.

So they fixed the error. Simple.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Umm...Blessing...what the hell is up your ass? The post was made out of a simple observation. I drive back and forth between Abu Dhabi and Dubai practically every week, and I just thought it was odd that they'd remove the "Ash". Granted, the spelling was weird to begin with...but why remove it after so long?

Oh, and you arrogant piece of shit, I AM Arab an I DO read next time you want to write one of your ignorant posts on my blog, you better get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

I hv a 2 bedroom + study in the greens .Available for rent.Pls email me if u r still interested.


Anonymous said...

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Avril said...
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Nargis Fakhri said...
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malik asad said...

I found a place in the new golf towers in the greens\the views. send me an email if you are interested !!
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