Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was at the Coldplay concert last Saturday, and all I can say is WOW! What a show!

We got there early so we could secure good spots...and what amazing spots they ended up being! Chris Martin was so close, we could almost touch him!

The rain, lightning and thunder show that accompanied the band only made the whole experience even better in my opinion.

The band was incredible...they looked like they were having fun on stage, they interacted with the crowd, they improvised, and they sang their lungs out! Their rendition of "I'm a believer" was amazing, and Chris often burst out into spontaneous rain-related songs such as "Why does it always rain on me" and "Raindrops keep falling on my head".

He even invited a girl to go up on stage with him to celebrate her birthday. Lucky b*&^h :)

The venue at the Emirates Palace was perfect once again (although more traffic on the way out this time around, and it seems that the wristband section was a bit more chaotic).

Abu Dhabi has proven once again that when it comes to attracting the big names and putting on a show, it beats Dubai hands down!


kaya said...

My daughter was there with 2 friends, and she is still on cloud 9!
Me, Im more ole fashioned and was happy with Georgie . LOL
I am glad you enjoyed it.

Lindsay said...

most fun i have had at a concert in a while... loved it!

Anonymous said...

i came to dubai for the world cup at nad al sheba had a great night only to read in the papers the next day coldplay had been in town. guess who is sick as a parrot ?

Ali Rahimi said...

I wish to be there :(

amexchou said...

welcome to dubai, stay enjoy

amexchou said...

a delicious cake, let alone to break the fast

Sasha Grey said...
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mujahid ali said...
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