Friday, January 09, 2009


It's been a while....Haven't posted here since....well...last year!
Not much to report on except for a hectic month of December (out of town family visiting, lots and lots of time spent in malls, lots of work too...whoever said December is a slow month was lying!, plus a trip to Beirut over the New Year holiday).

Been back for a week now, battling a nasty cold that just won't seem to go away.

But I did want to share my disgust about the situation in Gaza. I can't believe the pictures and the reports that are coming out of there. And I can't believe that the only reaction that's come out of Arab leaders is silence. How can anyone be silent when you hear of innocent civilians being killed, of children clinging to their dead mothers' bodies for days, of people living in a state of constant fear, with no electricity, no food, nowhere to go, of people bleeding to death because Israel has restricted access to emergency and first aid vehicles?

The Arab community here and around the region has been extremely supportive, organizing rallies and demonstrations, collecting food, clothes, blankets and medical supplies to send to Gaza. Everyone, even the least politically-involved, has been touched and affected by what's been happening. So why have Arab governments remained silent? Why has nothing been done to stop this genocide?

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Moryarti for informing people about the Aramex campaign for Gaza, and the Gaza care packages that you can buy in pharmacies.

I'd also like to urge you to read Laila's blog. Although she does not live in Gaza, her parents do, and the stories she tells on their behalf are simply horrifying.

May the souls of all those innocent lives rest in peace.


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