Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So what else was fake?

First we find out about some of the fireworks being fake at the end of the Olympics ceremony, to ensure better visibility according to the Beijing Times:

...members of the Beijing Olympic Committee said it was necessary to replace live video with computer-generated imagery because the city’s hazy, smoggy skies made it too difficult to see, according to The Beijing Times, which first reported the story.

And now, we find out that the little girl that sang during the ceremony did not really sing at all...She was used because she was cute, cuddly and lovable, but it was another -not so photogenic apparently- girl's voice that we heard.

While I may understand about the fireworks, I'm a bit disturbed by the little girl story... That's just so wrong!


Seabee said...

What surprised me was the surprise expressed at the fakery and how badly both were done, because they were so obvious. The little girl was out of lipsynch with the voice and the swooping rooftop-height firworks sequence was pure Hollywood special effects.

Anonymous said...

Remember C&C Music Factory in the early nineties? The female vocalist shown in their videos was not the actual singer...It was later discovered that the group avoided showing their actual singer in videos because she was overweight!. Go figure!

Hajar said...

This is just disturbing. To be judged base on your appearances at such a young age is certainly not healthy.

eda said...



Kifah said...

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