Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Self-service gas stations

Apparently some ENOC gas stations have become self-service stations starting today. When I first read about this about a week ago, my initial thought was "oh...the UAE has finally discovered the notion of self-service"....

Having lived in Montreal, I'm used to serving myself at gas stations...No biggie...right? OK so I'll have to get out of my car, fill up my gas, then walk up to the store to pay for it...In a way, I'd much rather that than wait 3 minutes until the attendant is available to fill up my fuel, then wait another 3 minutes after my car's filled up for him to come take my money. Eventually, this will benefit the gas stations because they'll be able to fill up more gas for more cars.

But it seems that some people are completely against the idea for many reasons...One of them is the heat: getting out of the car, in the heat, to fill up gas, is not exactly enchanting some people... Not sure if this is a valid enough reason though, I mean, temperatures DO reach -30 in Montreal, and yet people still get out of their cars to fill up gas.

One thing that would be a deterrent to me is the payment system, which is just backwards! Here's how it's going to work:
- You pay the amount you'd like to fill up at the store
- You then proceed to fill up your car
- The pump will automatically stop once it reaches the amount you've paid for
- If you fill up less than you've paid, you get refunded for the balance

Complicated if you ask me! How am I supposed to know how much I need to pay if I'd like to fill up my gas tank, but it's not quite empty? And why the inconvenience of having to go to the counter TWICE if I've paid too much? Why can't gas stations follow the North American system of filling up your tank, paying then leaving? Or better yet, you stick your debit/credit card into the pump, and it automatically deducts the amount?


Jennifer said...

interestingly this pre pay method is popular especially in rural areas and harsh city neighborhoods in New York State (USA). It is quite annoying.
Do the tanks there allow you to pay at the pump with a credit card? This would eliminate some annoyances.

Dubai Sunshine said...

Don't think the pumps with credit cards are available here....

Anonymous said...

Actually, most pumps in the area of the US where I reside have only this cash pre-pay option to avoid people from driving off and not paying...I feel with you but this has become a norm where I live.

BuJassem said...


sorry but the heat thing is such a bad excuse!! so the (usually) asian guys that fill up your pumps are not human? they feel no heat? or we can just allow them to suffer because they are less important than us? this is just stupid.

also the payment system is stupid i have to admit. here in the uk we have laws to prosecute people who pump and drive off without payment. also we have a pay at pump service which is just amazing i tell you. u just swipe the credit card at the reader on every pump and pump away.. you get billed automatically. so groovy. i actually miss it when i am in dubai.

so let's see.. we can build the world's biggest palm island(s), the tallest building, the biggest hotel with most stars but paying for your petrol in this gulf state is as easy as a palestinian refugee from lebanon going through US immigration?

have a nicer day.

Mars said...

because the RTA likes doing everything the long-winded way.

Sajith Raju said...

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Kifah said...
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