Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm at home...Took the day off today. I've been battling a stupid cold for the past couple of days now. It started over the weekend and just kept getting worse. And although I am not dying and could technically have gone to work today, I decided to take the day off and rest a bit.

I could so get used to this!

I'm still checking my work e-mail once in a while to make sure there are no major disasters, but I also have the TV on, I'm logged into Facebook and I am browsing some blogs...And I've just rented a movie which I plan to start very soon.

I don't usually take sick days. As a matter of fact, over the past 2 and a half years here in Dubai, I've only taken one other sick day. I always feel bad taking days off because that means dumping work on other people, and it also means that a lot of work gets put on hold because I'm not there to move things along...

But this morning, as I woke up feeling like crap, and feeling like I needed another 3 hours of sleep (which I ended up having by the way), I decided that it would not be the end of the world if I took the day off, and that I am not indispensable at work, and that companies have sick day policies for a reason, and that sick days are meant to be taken when someone is sick, and that I don't have to be dying in order to take advantage of a sick day, and that I really needed to rest in order to be able to get rid of this damn cold because I don't want to be stuck at home this weekend.

Okay...better go start that movie now...:)


KJ said...

It is better yet to call in sick when you're not sick. You can thusly take a day off and thoroughly enjoy it rather than spend it fighting disease.

Get well soon!

david santos said...

Freedom for the Palestiniano people. Below the North American terrorism and sionista nazism.

moryarti said...

Sho, hope ur better now... and what movie did you watch btw?

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hey Mory.....Ya I'm better....And I ended up watching Marie-Antoinette....Interesting story :)

KJ, next time, I'm taking a day off when I'm NOT sick :)

nzm said...

Feeling better?

Please add me to your Facebook friends - I sent you a message!

If it comes to Dubai, go and see "La Vie en Rose" - the story of Edith Piaf. Brilliant. In French. You'll love it!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Feeling much better! I've added you! Yay!

It's so funny my friend was just telling me now about that movie La Vie En Rose. Can't wait for it to come out :)

How's Australia treating you?

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