Tuesday, April 17, 2007

740 days...and counting

It's been 2 years (and 10 days) since I moved back to the Emirates. I can't believe it's been 2 years already! One thing I've learned about living in the UAE since I moved here is that time flies. I don't know why, but it seems that time goes by much faster here...

Is it because I'm getting older? Is it because I work harder here? Is it because there are no real seasons, which makes it seem like one whole year feels like just one summer? I don't know...

Last year, I was mostly nostalgic about having moved to the Emirates. My Montreal days were still fresh in my mind, and I was still at the stage where I was comparing my life here to my life there.

It's different now. The nostalgia is gone (except for a few waves here and there). Dubai has grown on me a bit...I have a few good friends here, but nothing like the friendships I had built in Montreal. There's a constant feeling of fleetingness with any relationship that's built here. It seems like the people I meet are here for a short while...they leave after 2, 3, 4, maybe 5 years. So they come here and try to live life to the fullest, keeping themselves busy with work, parties, movies, concerts, events, activities... which is OK in a way, but do they ever take the time to just sit and relax?

All this means that I never feel settled in Dubai...How can you feel settled when everything around you keeps moving? When everyone seems like they're constantly running after something (happiness? something else? who knows...)

And yet, in a way, I'm jealous of all these people who come here, knowing that they're only here for a short time. Because they have a plan. They have somewhere to go to after they've paid their dues here. They have a home to go to. I sometimes ask myself: what's next for me? Where do I go from here?

But I don't have an answer, because I've always said that home is where your family is, and my family is here. And moving somewhere new and starting from scratch becomes more difficult every time.

I don't know where this post is going...and after re-reading it just now, I realise that I am still a bit nostalgic...and that I have rambled on quite enough for one post...

So here's to hoping that next year, I'll still be blogging....and seeing how thing are going, I'll probably be telling you about my 3rd year in Dubai!


Ken said...

I'm planning to move to Dubai in about 2 years from now, with no plans to accomplish anything there :) I'm just curious about the lifestyle in a big city like Dubai. Perhaps I'll pay you a visit if you're still there by then :)

LadyBanana said...

I'm planning a few holidays in Dubai as my son has just moved over there! He's only been there just over 3 weeks and to me it already seems like ages... I can't imagine how it will feel if he stays there for years!

sky said...

I think wherever we are in the world, everyone asks themselves the same question: what next?

It is the existential question par excellence.

But you're right, time does seem to fly by out here, and before you know it we'll be 40 and having sobhyat and going over to see the other ammos and aunties...UGH!
How scary?
Did I scare you enough into leaving?


KJ said...

Dubai is a difficult place to make long term friendships in, simply because of what you said : everything is moving and you want to settle. You and the people around you are moving in different speeds, and if you're too slow or them too fast, you're bound to let go eventually.

I personally believe that even though Dubai is incredibly fast moving and vicious, it does offer you the choice of sitting and relaxing. And I am not talking spas and luxury. I am talking about spending your weekend resting at home and enjoying your HOUSE that you'd only be using as a hotel on the weekdays. So what if everyone is into clubbing.. you have the choice to not go.

I certainly don't, and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend by myself to slow down the pace and relax.

Chazoo said...

Yep: "What's next?" is the big question. I'm asking it, yet i'm right here, where I've always been. Hmmmm.

Mar said...


BuJ said...

some of my oldest and best friends are in dubai and from dubai.. i love the place.. but i hope to come back soon.. however i don't know when want will turn to reality.

in the meantime i am feeling happy for u.

Jin said...

You know what they say "time flies when you're having fun!".......I can hardly believe it myself, that I've been in Abu Dhabi 20mths now. Here's hoping you will still be blogging for years to come :-)

i*maginate said...


Nona said...

Hiii Dubai Sunshine,
Am coming to Dubai in August, ill settle there am always thinking how to keep my self occupied specially that it’s my first time to be there and I don’t have any friends even job.

Am planning that the first thing I need to do is finding job because my fiancĂ© keeps busy from morning to evening and I have to do something during that long day to not feel boring. I hate being alone without friends, alot of questions cross my mind about living there how ill keep my self happy and comfortable in such veryyy hard living country such Dubai. I don’t know how it will be ill wait and see how things will go..

Dubai Sunshine said...

Hey Ken...Hopefully 2 years from now, we'll still be in touch :)

Ladybanana...next thing you know, it'll be 3 months he's in Dubai...then 3 years!

Sky...you did scare me...Sobhyat!!! Eww...kill me NOW if I ever become like that!

KJ, I often excercise my choice of not going clubbing...like last weekend for example: I stayed home ALL DAY on Saturday....in my pyjamas :)

Chazoo...how have you been? Yes, I guess it's the existential question par excellence!

Mar...:) Guess you sometimes feel the same way?

Buj...yalla come back! We'll all meet up with M&J and Mory :)

Jin...here's to hoping we'll BOTH be blogging for years to come...

i*maginate...nice blog...very outspoken...love it!

Nona...I'm sure you'll be OK...don't worry about it...Good luck wit the move...where are you moving from?

Nona said...

Hi again Dubai Sunshine,
Am Palestinian, so ill move from Palestine to Dubai. Please excuse me ill have you as my first friend there if you like for sure .

BuJ said...

SKY: I just read this and burst out laughing!!!!

"having sobhyat"