Sunday, May 03, 2009

*Tweet* I'm so bad...*Tweet*

...for neglecting this blog! I have not completely given up on blogging though...I've just been testing out a new form of blogging that's all...

My first foray into micro-blogging started a few weeks ago. Yes, DubaiSunshine is now on Twitter! And in the span of a few Tweets, I managed to get myself 40 followers...Not bad! Thanks to those who have chosen to follow me.

Twitter has gained immense popularity over the past few weeks. Everyone's on Twitter it seems! Even celebrities! Ashton Kutcher recently became the first Twitterer (is that what we are called? Twitterers?) to get 1 million followers (in a race with CNN!). Oprah does it. Demi Moore even helped save someone who was thinking of committing suicide.

I even have friends who send Tweets to their loved ones...while hanging out with their loved ones!

Even I have been guilty of tweeting in a club with a few other least we could communicate without having to scream into each others' ears to be heard!

How long will this Twitter phenomenon last? Is it a fad or is it here to stay for good? Only time will tell I guess.

In the meantime, if you miss me on this blog (if anyone even reads this blog anymore!) check me out on Twitter (@DubaiSunshine). And drop me a Tweet to say hello :)

Until then, Tweet ya later!


ColOman said...

you sold out

moryarti said...

yeah ... sell out

Dubai Sunshine said...

I did not sell out! I'll still be blogging...I just haven't had the time that's all...:(

Auntie, aka Dog Girl said...

I found your link on Jayne's blog and flew over here. What an interesting blog about life in the UAE.
I recently blogged about my own twittering. Like you, I find it challenging to find time for all this blogging & twittering.
I am now following you on twitter.
I am auntchrisbronx.
My post about tweeting is
Bye. Nice meeting you.
Time to fly back to NY and get back to work.

eda said...



Elizabeth said...

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