Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been car-less since Sunday. Not because my car is being serviced. No. It's much more interesting than that.

I went to renew my registration last week, only to find out that they were confiscating my car for a week. Why? Because I apparently parked in a handicapped zone. When? In April. Where? No clue. No one could give me an answer to that question.

So they gave me a piece of paper that instructed me to impound my car for a week. I dropped it off on Sunday. I parked my car in a gated, sandy area, with hundreds of other dusty, desolate cars. I can only imagine the state my car will be in when I get it back next week.

As I left the pound, I asked the person responsible if I could find a taxi. He said that all I needed to do was walk to the Eppco station that was a few meters away to find one. So I did. At 2PM. Under a blazing sun. I get to the Eppco station, only to find it closed (it's next to the registration place, and they close at 2PM for Ramadan timings). I call a taxi, and wait, and wait...for about 10 minutes. I could feel sweat beads rolling down my back.

Luckily, I see that there are people waiting inside the registration place, so I beg the security guard to let me wait inside while I waited for my cab. And I wait...and wait...and wait...

Twenty minutes later, I call Dubai Transport again and they tell me that they haven't found a taxi yet. At which point, I called a friend of mine who works nearby and begged her to come pick me up. Which she did.

I've told numerous friends about this, and many of them have told me that they've just gotten a Dhs 1000 fine for parking in a handicapped zone. I got a Dhs 500 fine, but why did they also have to confiscate my car for a week? That's just ridiculous! It's not like I'm a serial offender and that I always park in handicapped zones! Plus, I don't even have proof that I actually did park there! I mean, no one's given me a ticket, and no one was able to tell me where this happened, despite asking numerous people at the traffic department.

Oh, and being car-less in Dubai sucks! I've managed to catch rides to and from work with some friends, which has helped a lot, especially when I leave work at 6PM and can't find a taxi in sight!

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BuJassem said...

different but kinda related topic... i think people who park in a disabled slot and are not disabled should be punished. period.

however out of regard for the law, they should produce evidence of your parking in the spot. the minimum is a ticket at least..

typical ...

حكم قراقوش

redstar said...

Bad luck.

This sort of things drives me mad. By all means fine me if I have done something wrong, but at least produce some evidence. Lots of friends have been fined for speeding in areas they have never been to, blocking traffic on roads that don't exist, etc, etc.


Hope your car is returned in good condition.

I can't wait for someone with the right leagal knowledge and contacts to challenge one of these fines in the courts...

moryarti said...

Oh man, that realy sux!

Do take extra care when parking because there are some spots for the disabled that aren't THAT clearly marked.. expecially those parallel ones on Jumeirah Beach road and other places..

Jayne said...

I certainly would want proof of the 'offense' & would definitely challenge them if no proof was forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

I just registered my car and found I had a Dh200 fine for "crossing a yellow line" I presume that means driving on the nard shoulder, which I've never done. No one could tell me where exactly it happened. But on the date and time given, when I checked my diary, I was actually on the golf course playing a tournament with the car in the car park, so it couldn't have been me. But I was told bluntly, pay or you can't register your car, which I had to do. Does anyone know who to complain to? I have sent several emails to the RTA and police via their website "feedback" forms and not had a single reply. The police don't want to know when you ring them and no one can produce, say, a video/photo or even original ticket for the offence, which allegedly took place back in February. I don't mind paying a fine if I have transgressed, but on this occasion I know I didn't.

ColOman said...

How old are you sir?

Abeera said...

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