Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dubai's (not so secret) nightlife

A friend posted a link on Facebook about this PBS/Frontline documentary on prostitution in Dubai. Nothing new, nothing we didn't really know of or see before, but still, it shocks me that this sort of thing is happening in my backyard (well...almost!)

Dubai's so good at showcasing its glittery, shiny, modern side, we often forget (or choose to forget) about the seedy nightlife. And although I am horrified and disgusted by what these women have to go through, this documentary did make me wonder whether there really is a "good side" to prostitution, as stipulated by the reporter...meaning that prostitution keeps the rest of us women safe while keeping the men satisfied. Sad....but true.

(PS: Click on Watch Video to see the 12 minute documentary)


LadyBanana said...

I found this very interesting - thanks for sharing :)

nzm said...

It's sad isn't it? They stop using camel jockeys and concentrate on another form of human trafficking.

What makes it more tragic is that Dahi, although committed to reducing prostitution among other crimes, says that it's difficult for his police force to distinguish between prostitutes and normal office workers, and that they have to be careful that they don't accuse innocent people.

Read all about it!

Jayne said...

It's not called the oldest profession in the world for nothing! What saddens me though is so, so many women are forced into it. The thought of having to 'service' 30 men in one day is truly horrifying.

Sophia said...

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Romana said...
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