Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Maybe they'll block this? The Du saga...

I've been a Du subscriber for 3 years now...Actually, I was a SAHM subscriber and then became a Du subscriber when Du came to life.

They've been crediting my account directly, from my credit card, every month.

Last month, I get a bill from them (I guess they changed their bill format because the bill looked different), and I notice a Dhs 1200 overdue amount. I was slightly stunned because I had not seen such amount before, so I go back to my 2 previous bills, and in fact, the amount was NOT there.

So I call them, asking for an explanation of the amount. "It seems like we have not credited your account since June 2007" says the woman at the other end of the line. "Why is that" I ask. "I'll file a complaint with the complaint department" says the woman, "they should call you back within 48 hours".

OK, fine.

50 hours later and no answer. I call back. Same thing "your account has not been credited since June" says the man. "Yes, I know that, but I was waiting for an explanation and no one called back". "OK I will file a complaint and we will get back to you" was the answer again. This time,he gives me a complaint number.

Later that same day, I get an e-mail, saying that my credit card details have not been updated, which explains the amount. And they send me a new credit card form to fill out.

I write back saying that I understand that my credit card details have not been updated, but I want to understand why it took 10 months for them to reflect that on my bill. I get another e-mail asking me to fill up the form again.

A little frustrated, as you can probably imagine, I send off another e-mail asking for further explanation.

I get another e-mail asking for my customer ID number "in order to assist you farther (sic) in your query". I do not respond, but I do get another e-mail a day later stating that "your query has been forwarded to our Collection Team who will be responding to you shortly."

That was a week ago....and I have not heard anything since.


nzm said...

I got caught out badly when the bank sent me my new credit card and it took me a couple of months to realise that the card number had changed. I had wrongly assumed that the number had stayed the same.

I can't see why the number had to change? When my Amex and NZ Visa are renewed the numbers always remain the same.

Good luck sorting this out!

BuJ said...

tawwli balek.. i think one needs to stay positive and apply gentle but constant pressure (or a squeeze of was6a) to get things resolved :)