Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This scares the shit out of me because it could have been me...or one of my friends or family members.

I drive that road practically every Sunday morning as I head back from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, and this Sunday the fog was bad. As bad as I've ever seen it. The road was OK until I halfway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which is where what can only be described as a wall of fog appeared in front of me. Visibility was close to non-existent. Really bad.

Some drivers felt the need to put their hazard lights on, while others decided that no lights was a better option.

Today's accident is simply horrible. No other words to describe it. Pure carnage.


sd-b said...

sigh. what I will never understand is: if visibility is almost nil and you can't see in front of you, wouldn't it make sense to slow down??? it's pretty much common sense to me. but here, ppl get behind a wheel and completely forget their manners and safety precautions.

Anonymous said...

That is terrifying.

I wondering, do you know where I can find names etc. of people who have recently died in the UAE?

I ask because I have quite a few university friends from the UAE or who have moved to work in the UAE and I actually sometimes worry when I don't hear from them. (I know that sounds silly and paranoid, but my friends are the type who will talk on their phones while driving and fall into the category of young foolish drivers who take stupid risks... I worry for them!)

Dubai Sunshine said...

sd-b you're absolutely right. People need to be educated about driving safely. Maybe this will serve as an eye opener?

Anon...sorry, but I have no idea where you can find such a website...