Monday, February 25, 2008

Tough measures

On March 1st, the UAE is implementing tougher laws when it comes to reckless driving.

According to this article:

On March 1, the new Unified Federal Traffic Law comes into effect putting in place hefty penalties for serious traffic offences as well as black points against the licence of the driver.

Basically, drivers will start earning "black points" whenever they break the law, with a maximum of 24 black points incurred in a year.

It's about time something like this was implemented, especially given the fact that 1,056 people died in 2007 alone due to wreckless driving. That's practically 3 deaths a day! Waaaaay too many lives lost!

Setting up rules and regulations is great, but the real question is, will these be enforced? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


nadi said...

where are the bf links??
the least you could do is dedicate a whole section to the bf!! :)

nadi said...

oh shit, i just realised i was supposed to comment on the article (which i am yet to read, lol).
where can i drop in generic comments?? :)

Dubai Sunshine said...

The bf links need a blog on their own :) And yes, you're meant to read the article and comment on that!!

No generic comments....that's what Facebook's for! :)))

George said...

First they ought to inculcate in their irresponsible nationals some responsibility and road discipline, but i guess this discipline is lacking in their lives so one can't and shouldn't expect to see it on the streets...
Lord have mercy!!!

Dubai Sunshine said...

Nationals are only part of the problem, not all of it. I think that reckless driving is a contagious thing in the UAE and everyone does it. Blaming nationals alone is not right.