Thursday, September 20, 2007

The End.

I have thought long and hard about this. It was not a spur of the moment decision. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am the most indecisive person on earth, and that I tend to over-analyze things.

Which is why I am very confident about the decision I've taken to officially declare this as my last post on this blog.

I don't know when or how it happened, but I've simply lost all interest in blogging...A bit like falling out of love I guess. The frequency (or lack thereof) of my posts recently must have been indication that I was just not that into it anymore.

Over the past 2 years, 338 posts, and almost 50,000 visitors, I've met a lot of interesting people...some virtually, others in person... I've been able to vent my frustrations, share my surprises...and almost anything else I found to be interesting.

I'm still an avid reader of many blogs and I'll keep reading them...I may decide to come back to share a few tidbits here and there, but my posts definitely won't be regular.

So, this is it...

Thank your for reading me...thank you for commenting...thank you for bearing with my ranting and raving...I'll still be reading any comments that may come through on my previous posts, and I will keep checking my blog e-mail once in a while:

"When you part from your friend, you grieve not;
For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain."

The Prophet - Khalil Gibran


nzm said...

Shucks - you couldn't wait until your 2 year blog anniversary to do this could you? It's coming up next month!!

I understand how you feel. It's an effort to find anything to say on ours now.

The positive is that I got to meet you and sis and some wonderful people because of our blogs! See you on Facebook! LOL

sky said...

Best leave on a high :)

Was a great run nonetheless, far better than mine!

I blame facebook :p

secretdubai said...

Oh that's sad - I have really enjoyed your blog. Perhaps you will return someday. I hope so anyway.

Alexander said...

Oh. I have to agree with the comments above: a shame. Hope you'll feel reinvigorated sometime in the not too distant future!


Dubai Sunshine said...

Thanks NZM, Sky, SD and Alexander...

Sky: I blame Facebook too!

Although I feel sad now that I no longer have a blog to go to to rant and ramble....I mean, just this weekend provided enough material for 3 posts!!

(obviously, I'm the queen of cognitive dissonance!)

Chazoo said...

Oy! Je vais tous les jours (sauf le WE) pour vérifier s'il n'y a pa s une nouvelle nouvelle... y'en aura plus??? Alors, est-ce que j'efface le liens vers ton blog ou pas?

Moi aussi je fais porter le blame à Facebook.

Chazoo x

BuJ said...

oh what a shame.. i guess facebook is the new blogger.. yalla.. but it's a shame.. i would just be content with blogging less often rather than hanging up my blogging gloves.

hope to see around soon.

moryarti said...

And there I was wondering where the heck are you... :)

i'll see you around DMC i guess :P

Anonymous said...